Fraules (Elena Ninja-Bonchinche’) with students with vogue show

Dance Hotel classes in da Novosibirsk (Russia) - after a week of classes we made this small show with students) enjoy)

Gatsby Vogue ball 2014 – House of Ninja ans Danielle Polanco showcase

Vitaliy Ninja Dmitriy Ninja-Bonchinche Elena Ninja-Bonchinche Danielle Polanco having so much fun!!!! Gatsby vogue ball by Fraules dance centre ...

Twerk (booty dance) courses by Fraules in Fraules Dance Centre

Here is a small video report from my first twerk/booty dance course, which had started in febraury and ended right now) This is how...

VOGUE in da FRAULES Dance Centre (by Elena Ninja Bonchinche’ & Vitaliy Ultra Omni)

WE DON'T OWN THIS MUSIC!WE USED IT FOR INSPIRATION ONLY! WATCH in HD 1080!!!!! Elena Ninja Bonchinche (Fraules) - vogue new way, femme and...

TWERK class by DHQ FRAULES in da BIG UP kemp Russia and choreo

This was in summer but let me represent the choreo that was still not uploaded)))and my twerk class during first dancehall camp- BIG UP...

Dancehall international 2014 preselection Fraules and Ruslan

Watch 1080 HD!! That was nice time)))our dancing with Ruslan in da preselection)

Big up kemp 2013 dancehall 2*2 1/2 final – Fraules & Ruslan (win) vs...

Maaad battles!

Shisha dancehall classes!!

Novisibirsk, Russia.

FRAULES DANCE CENTRE promo! WATCH in HD 1080!!!!! WE DON'T OWN THIS MUSIC - WE USED IT FOR INSPIRATION ONLY!!! Real dance from real teachers! Hip-Hop, House...

Dancehall international 2015 – 1/8 with Fraules (win) vs El Okence (France)

ahhhh that was so much fun to battle 3d year already with French man))) thanks to Global Bob, Lil'Gbb, Camron One-shot, Laure and Jr...

Siberian booty dance session – selection DHQ Fraules

YEaaaah))) booty booty shake))))))) for contact [email protected]

DHQ Fraules (feat.Ruslan Maliev) judge performance in U-13 anniversary

We had so much fun with my dance partner lol)))) camera man - D-man Da funky style)

“WIGGLE” teaser 2 by FRAULES team

18+!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!FINALLY! 9 october! WIGGLE video! Stay tuned! by Fraules (Elena Yatkina) [email protected] Fraules dance centre Remizovsky ...

Elena Bonchinche (Ninja) new way vogue winner

Theatre vogue ball. Tartu (Estonia) Judges: Aviance Milan , Lasseindra Ninja, Aus Ultra Omni.

House of Bonchinche’ – You wanna touch them (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

House Of Bonchinche' - First Russian Vogue House, music by Jamayka & Dmitry Bonchinche' Follow official house of bonchinche page: ...

FRAULES Dance centre – opening show of the SIBERIAN VOGUE BALL: Antient Greece 3.05.15

Elena Ninja-Bonchinche with the students, Dmitriy Ninja-Bonchinche, Danielle Polanco (Ninja), Aviance Milan and Dashaun Wesley (Lanvin)

IDFWU – BIG SEAN (feat. E-40) / Kaelynn “KK” Harris Choreography

Kaelynn "KK" Gobert-Harris teaches choreography to I DON'T F**K WITH YOU by Big Sean (feat. E-40) at 1MILLION Dance Studio, Seoul, South Korea.

Lia Kim Choreography / Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

Junho Lee Choreography / Rude – Magic!